Feminized vs. Regular Seeds

SeedPackRX carries both Feminized and Regular seeds. While it may seem that feminized seeds are the obvious choice there are a few things to consider when deciding on what strain to cultivate.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are seeds that have the Y chromosome bred out and are generally 99 percent female. The outstanding 1 percent can grow into 2 to 5 percent hermaphrodites depending on strain types and environmental issues. Feminized seeds also lack the genetic spectrum (phenotypes) regular seeds possess and grow more in line to clones. This means that each plant will be closer to genetic identical twins in flavor, potency, shape, and size. Feminized seeds are not recommended for cloning as they lack the genetic array to identify the best phenotypes.  

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are in line with Mother Nature and provide and array of genetic phenotypes from one mother plant. Regular seeds are also easier to grow in general and behave like siblings with unique variations and flavors as opposed to the genetic twins of the feminized seeds. 50/50 is the safe bet for female to male ratios but this can change from strain to strain. On average, because of the nature of this air pollinating plant, the split is closer to a 70/30 female to male ratio. Regular seeds are the industry standard for professional cloning as they are genetically superior.

Seeds vs. Clones

When deciding to cultivate there are 2 choices. Clones that are cuttings from a mother plant, dipped in a solution and rooted. Seeds are tried and true Mother Nature.


Properly established clones are a good option for medium to large operations. With a clone you are locked into a degrading linage of one phenotype that may have been a clone of a clone going back many years. Clones will possess any compounding genetic weaknesses of their ancestry. Clones have quicker flowering times as they have rooted but may randomly die and will more often than not go into some form of transplant shock as they switch from their rooting environment to the new cultivators environment. 


Seeds are used from single plant cultivators all the way up to massive super farms. They are natural, genetically superior in every way, root better, yield higher, grow larger, and we guarantee the replacement of any un-sprouted seed.