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For states, countries, and territories where cannabis cultivation is illegal, SeedPackRX sells cannabis seeds in accordance with laws governing those areas.

You must be over 18 years of age to view and/or purchase from SeedPackRX. All seeds are sold as novelties.

Regional Laws

We ship our products on the condition that they will not be used by others in conflict with applicable local laws. Regulation and implementation of genetics we sell often differ from country to country. All buyers must be aware of the regulations to which the buyer is subject. For this reason, SeedPackRX will not accept responsibility for products intercepted or lost in transit. If you place an order for a product to be sent to a state, country, or territory where it is illegal you, the Buyer, assume all subsequent responsibility.

We reserve the right to refuse to sell genetics to anyone we have reason to believe is going to handle or cultivate them in a state, country, or territory where it is illegal to cultivate or possess them.


SeedPackRX does not guarantee the entire accuracy of any information provided on the website.

Price and availability information is subject to change without notice.

SeedPackRX does not accept liability for any of the opinions expressed in, or content of product reviews, blogs or other comments, or photographs that are shown on this site.

The fact that third party opinions and comments are displayed does not mean they are endorsed, favored or recommended by SeedPackRX or any employee.

Out of Stock Products

SeedPackRX operates on a first come first serve basis where stock is reserved for an order the moment payment has been accepted. Genetics in stock may not be accurate at time of order.

SeedPackRX does not under any circumstances guarantee that products offered on the website are available in inventory. If SeedPackRX is not able to deliver any item(s) on your order because they are out of stock, we will refund the amount charged to your credit or debit card for those products immediately and send you a refund confirmation by email.

Refund methods may vary depending on chosen payment method.

SeedPackRX will not be responsible at any time for any damages that you may incur because products are out of stock.


All orders made for backorders or pre-orders sales may be canceled and refunded without cause by SeedPackRX.

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